Mississippi Fresh Water Regulations Available


Freshwater now supported for Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi


Red Grouper / Gray Triggerfish Closure in Gulf State Waters & Louisiana


Effective Sept. 15th, 20201

New Feature: Print Regulations


Using Fish Rules App is the best experience but sometimes printing them out to compare is really useful!

Family Fall Photo Competition


Generational fishing is important not just for the sport but for the long-term sustainability of our fisheries. Now is a great time to get your family involved!

2021 June Photo Competition Results


There were some AWESOME photos submitted (hundreds we had to go through)! Thank you to the Fish Rules community for such fun photos!

Fish Rules Freshwater Edition


Check out this great catch/clean/cook on bass by BlueGabe. Also, get $10 off on a MONSTERBASS fishing box...

Protecting Coral During Lobster Mini-Season


Lobster mini-season is almost here! We’ve grabbed a few helpful things to help inform you more about lobster mini-season and how to take care of corals in the

Descending Devices for Snapper / Grouper Fishing


Remember, when fishing for or possessing snapper/grouper species in federal waters of the South Atlantic, a descending device is required onboard all vessels and must be readily available for use (attached to at least 16 ounces of weight and at l...

Warren Sapp & Rob Arrington with some killer muttons!


Check out this awesome video with Warren Sapp and Rob Arrington (Deer Meat for Dinner) crushing the Mutton Snappers.

We’re looking for a few good fish (pics)


If you have some photos of a species we’re missing, we’d love to consider it in the app.

Freshwater Regulations Available for Alabama and Texas


You asked for it: Texas and Alabama freshwater regulations are now included in Fish Rules!