Fish Rules

February Updates

This month was jam-packed with updates to the mobile app and website. Though it sometimes comes with bumps in the road, it’s always exciting to launch a new version of an app and we’re happy we get to deliver these features to you. Here’s what is new:

Get your fish Identified by Real People

Have a fish you’d like us to identify for you? Get the #ProStaff subscription and send us a fish pic! See more info/instructions.

Easier Fish Logging

dae6c32d249cce6fa99d2032e7aa0702.jpeg The new logging screen is designed for quick entry. If you’re out on a trip and just want to log the place and species really quick, you can do so by tapping the net, adding a fish, and tapping save. Come back later to fill in more details, photos, etc. (We’ll remind you if you used the start-your-trip feature)

Your Active Trip

You can now start an active trip and when you log fish it will be placed in your active trip.


Citizen Science

522a28d3179436eb615ed2039b95fe3d.jpeg On the account page, you can now opt-in to citizen science programs. Over the next month we’ll be adding a lot more detail to these programs. Tap the link below to get more details in their current state. LEARN MORE

New Account Page

Once you log in, you have access to a new account page where you can enroll in citizen science programs, add your profile photo (which we’ll use for fish photo competitions in the near future), and set your home port

Also, when you log in, any species you favorite/star will be saved to your account profile so if you get a new phone, you can take your favorites with you.


Opt-In Notifications

You can now opt-in to specific notification channels from our partners such as FWC, SAFMC, GMFMC, US Caribbean, Hawaii, and more.