Fish Rules

Freshwater Regulations Available for Alabama and Texas

You asked for it: Texas and Alabama freshwater regulations are now included in Fish Rules! These two states join Florida in our push to get more and more freshwater regulations inside of Fish Rules.

Quick Tips

You can toggle the water type to/from saltwater and freshwater:

4ccaea9151e82b41835563bf30666749.jpeg If you’re not in Texas or Alabama but are planning on being there or want to see the new freshwater regulations, you can manually set your location by tapping on the location header at the top. Here’s a video on setting your manual location:

Fish Pictures Needed!

Below are some fish images we just don’t have in the app yet. The fishing community has been great at supplying Fish Rules with great fish pics that help other anglers easily identify species and demonstrate proper handling techniques. If you have some photos of a species we’re missing, we’d love to consider it in the app. Please reference the other pictures in the app for what we’re looking for: Fish held sideways and should take up as much of the picture as possible.

Here’s a list of species we’re looking for

  • Alabama bass
  • Cahaba bass
  • Chattahoochee bass
  • Coosa bass
  • Guadalupe bass
  • Tallapoosa bass
  • Warrior bass
  • Yellow bass
  • Bullhead catfish
  • White crappie
  • Walleye
  • Saugeye
  • Rainbow Trout

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