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JUPITER, Fla.—Feb. 12, 2021—Fish Rules today announced the availability of a new, refreshed version of its Fish Rules app.

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The app now offers better location management as well as a brand-new interface and quick fish-log functionality. Users can easily check different fishing spots and their respective regulations. The Fish Log has a new net area where anglers can quickly start a trip, add to the current trip management, and manage current trips and logs. The app also has improved fish logging capabilities, along with the groundwork to function with new citizen science programs and photo competitions. Anglers can now quickly capture a log with minimal information and go back to fill in the rest of the information at a later time.

For users out to sea with no signal, the app enables manual selection of the fishing location to see relevant regulations. Crisp illustrations and great photos help users identify their catch. Swipe an image to see identification clues and additional photos of any catch. Fish Rules includes saltwater fishing regulations for Federal and State waters from Maine to Texas to Hawaii and freshwater regulations for Florida. And, coming this quarter, it will also feature new regulations for commercial anglers in the south Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Over the last two months, Fish Rules has improved the Fish Rules app to further enable anglers and support sustainable fisheries and management agencies. In addition to the mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, Fish Rules now has a web application that can be used on the web!

A new Pro Staff subscription is now available and includes the ability to send a photo to Fish Rules. A staff member will identify the fish and provide information about the fish to the angler.

“Success! I finally found a way to keep track of all the saltwater fishing regulations while on the water. Fish Rules gives me the confidence to fish without fear. Don't get caught on the water without it. Ignorance isn't an excuse,” said Rob Arrington, outdoor YouTube influencer from Deer Meat for Dinner.

The updated application also includes a regulation API for management agencies and other 3rd parties to consume regulations and distribute them to their users on their web apps, mobile apps, and other digital properties. Regulators can reach contact Fish Rules at for more information.

For more information and to download the app, visit Follow Fish Rules on Facebook at and Instagram at @fishrulesapp


Fish Rules simplifies saltwater and freshwater fishing regulations into an easy-to-understand format. At a glance, users can know if a fish is in season, how many they can keep, how big they have to be, and more.

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