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May News: Photo Competition, Return 'em Right, and more


The best fish photo chosen by Fish Rules & Captain Experiences will win a $1,000 gift card to spend on a fishing trip of their choice!

10 runners up get a year of Fishbrain Pro for free, a $79 value!

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Descending Devices and Return Em’ Right

Return ‘Em Right’s mission is to improve reef fish survival by equipping anglers with the knowledge and gear to confidently and successfully release reef fish.

Anglers have the ability to positively impact the health of the fishery by using best release practices.

This angler-driven program provides training and free release gear to Gulf of Mexico reef fish anglers that are committed to using best release practices and helping the future of the fishery. Join the community and take the training today!


Make a difference in your snapper grouper fishery and help collect data on released fish! SAFMC Release, a citizen science project for the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, empowers fishermen to provide details about released shallow water grouper and Red Snapper. Scientists can use this information to better understand which of these fish are being released, what size they are, and how many survive.

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And don’t forget, fish reeled up from depth may be suffering from barotrauma. This condition often makes it difficult for a fish to swim back down and can be fatal. If a fish shows signs of barotrauma (bulging eyes, stomach protruding from mouth, bubbling scales, etc.), use a descending device to get it back down to depth quickly. Whether you are releasing a fish because it's too small, out of season, or over the bag limit, following best fishing practices can improve that fish's chance of survival. To learn more about best fishing practices and descending devices visit