Fish Rules

New Feature: Print Regulations On-Demand

Here’s the deal: Using Fish Rules App is the best experience. It has the most complete set of information, it uses your GPS so you don’t have to figure out all the regulation zones you’re in, it’s up to date (when printed regulations clearly aren’t), etc. HOWEVER, We realize there are sometimes when it’d be nice to have regulations printed out so you can compare them side-by-side (for example). That’s what this feature is all about.

How it works

  1. Select all the species you care about
  2. Select all the locations you care about
  3. Click the magic button … and a PDF will be generated with all the regulations for your selected species in all the selected locations.
  4. Print it, share the page, do whatever you want with them: Compare a species’ regulation across multiple locations, If you’re a bait & tackle…print out the species that are biting that day and give them to your customers.

Go here to try it out

warning: Note that this is for DESKTOP only (computers).

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