Louisiana Freshwater Support

Louisiana Freshwater Support

We’re happy to announce support for freshwater regulations for Louisiana State Waters. Simply open the app, let the app download the latest regulation updates, and you can check freshwater regulations in Louisiana State.

We’re looking for some good fish pics

You’ll notice for some of the species in Louisiana, we need some great fish pics! If you have some photos of a species we’re missing, we’d love to consider it in the app. Please reference the other pictures in the app for what we’re looking for: Fish held sideways and should take up as much of the picture as possible. Submit a Photo.

FWC Goliath Grouper Proposal

We’re getting a lot of questions about Goliath Grouper in Florida. Please note that this is a draft proposal and has not been approved yet. Read up on the proposal here.

Features from last month

In case you missed some of the new features in the latest version of the app:

Setting location manually